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Junkyard Empire to Perform at Occupy the Debates People's Forum in Denver!


St. Paul, Minnesota – After their now legendary performance at the opening of the Occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC and inclusion of their track  Rebellion Politik on the benefit compilation Occupy this Album, Junkyard Empire is ready to play another show.  Headlining the..........  as part of the kickoff event of Occupy the Presidential Debates in Denver, Colorado will be their first live performance since their rawkus EP release party for Butt Naked in the Matrix and fundraiser for Occupy Homes Minnesota . 
“This is a really important show for us,” said trombonist and founder Christopher Cox.  “Both myself and Brian (aka Brihanu) are in graduate school, so finding time to fly around the country playing shows is getting harder and harder.  But at a time like this when the electoral system is so clearly “occupied” by corporate oligarchs, it is dreadfully important that we speak out and demand a people's Presidential debate; a debate NOT sponsored by the very companies that support the international oligarchic order.”  “I think it's important to challenge the Presidential candidates to a higher level of critical discourse.  I have taught fifth graders who have deeper critical thinking skills than what is usually demanded of a potential President of the United States,” said Brian Lozenski, aka MC Brihanu.
The five guys in Junkyard Empire are making big moves on many fronts.  Graham O'Brien is continuing his brilliant work as a sound engineer and drummer with No Bird Sing, Kristoff Krane, and Kill the Vultures in the new collective FIX.  Brian Lozenski is finishing his Ph.D at the University of Minnesota and playing drums (yes, drums) in the backup band for legendary Minnesota rapper/poet/percussionist Truthmaze.  Christopher Cox is finishing his Master of Political Science at Portland State University, studying environmental political theory and comparative politics.  Gutarist Bryan Berry is living in New York City working as a professional computer hacker.  And bassist Steve Hogan has started a new project called In Waves, while working his days as a sound engineer. 
Now come see what these guys do live!
WHAT: Occupy the Debates, the People's Dialogue
WHO: Junkyard Empire                                                                          Comedian Lee Camp
WHERE and WHEN: Civic Center Amphitheater - Denver, Colorado - 7pm

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