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The Candidates are Rehearsing Their Answers, But it is The Questions That Are The Problem

"As Arctic sea ice levels hit a new record low this month, scientists and activists gathered to discuss how to bridge the gap between scientific facts and the public's limited understanding that we are, in their words, 'really running out of time'" begins a piece at Huffpost this morning.

Will this question come up in the phony "presidential debates" in any meaningful way?  Not likely, since the sycophantic "journalists" selected to ask the questions have been briefed on the secret agreement between Democrats and Republicans who control the "dog and pony show" debates.  The public are not allowed to know what's in the agreement.  Mass media like to say we live in an "open and free democracy."

Romney and Obama are rehearsing their answers, but they won't be as misleading as the questions which set them up.
Source: Liberty Underground News

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