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Nader calls for “Grand Series” of nationwide presidential debates


Take Control fro the Commission on Presidential Debates

By Damon Eris

IVN.US, November 16, 2012


Ralph Nader has put out a call for a “grand series” of twenty-one nationwide presidential debates in 2012, arguing that control over topics and format should be wrested from the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates and placed in the hands of local communities all over the country.


“True debates, rather than parallel interviews of the CPD [i.e. Commission on Presidential Debates] model, would offer depth, variety, and unpredictability to counter the scripted nature of the candidates’ political consultants,” writes the long-time consumer advocate and former Independent candidate for president in an article published on his website this month.


Nader envisions presidential debates as a means of enlivening the civic impulse of voters and invigorating the democratic process.


“Instead of the present, stifling, programmed three debates by the CPD,” he states, “these twenty one debates would throw aside many of the taboos, bring the people into the process, address regional needs, excite larger voter turnout and compel the candidates to be better, more forthright candidates.”


He also argues that presidential debates should be opened up to candidates outside the two-party system.


“Fresh agendas and personas will be allowed in these debates including third-party candidates who meet reasonable criteria of ballot presence and public support.”


So what’s the problem with the Commission on Presidential Debates? 


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What we need is a real debate with all four candidates that are on the ballot in over half the states. The two candidates that have been recognized by the Federal Election Commission to receive Presidential campaign matching funds are being excluded.

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